Ventilation, Mechanical & Electrical Products


We offer a selection of ventilation models for our domestic customers, including pullcord, timed models, and humidistat models. We also offer a range of continuous running fans to meet SAP ratings.

Residential Model Range

To models to meet Building Regs for Models 3 & 4. Our residential models range is available to new builds, housing associations, and refurbished properties, the ventilation models include:

  • DMEV

  • MEV

  • MVHR

Commercial Range

All the models we offer to our commercial customers are available from 100mm up to 315mm in diameter, the models include:

  • T-Series

  • Inline Fans

Industrial Range

All our industrial models range from 250mm to 1000mm in diameter, our products include:

  • Plate

  • Plate Cased

  • Boxed

  • Roof Fans

  • Industrial Heat Recovery Units

Air Handling Range

We offer our customers a bespoke air handling unit designed by our expert team, standard air handling units are also available to purchase.


We offer a wide range of accessories, our catalogue includes:

  • Grills and Louvres

  • Sealing Valves

  • Dampers

  • Plenums

  • Ducting

  • Fire Protection Accessories such as Dampers, and Intumescent Door Grills

 The Vent-Axia range covers residential and non-residential applications, and consists of unitary fans, demand control systems, specialist heat recovery and whole-house systems. In addition, they offer complimentary products such as electric heating, cooling and hand dryers. Our projects span residential, commercial, public sector and industrial applications. Whatever your ventilation application, they can help you with the answer.

Wholesale Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Typically, the units are kept in an accessible loft or cupboard space, fresh air from outside is supplied to the habitable rooms and stale humid air is extracted from the 'wet' rooms. This system requires ducting and air diffusers to be fitted throughout the dwelling.


The system can be controlled via a humidity sensor in the wet rooms; the unit will run on boost speed whenever moisture is detected. Manual boost switches are also available, ideally located in or near wet rooms.

LO-Carbon Products

As part of their ongoing commitment to saving energy, their Lo-Carbon fans are designed to use 10% of the energy of a standard fan,

saving you money on your electricity bills.



The unit incorporates a heat exchanger that tempers the incoming fresh air before it is delivered to the habitable rooms, giving warm, fresh air. The efficiency of the heat exchangers is generally extremely high; around 95% of the heat from your home will be recovered. These high efficiency heat exchangers can provide substantial savings in energy costs.

At Domus Ventilation, you’ll find the most comprehensive selection
of high-quality plastic ducting available in the industry.

Domus Ventilation offers the complete system with duct and accessories, offering guaranteed compatibility, quality of fit and peace of mind.
Their duct working systems are ideally sized to comply with building regulation requirements, making them the optimal companion to our mechanical units. 

Round Duct

The original round pipe
method which offers
improved flow rates

Flat Rate

An effective space
saving solution

Radial Duct

Minimise air leakage, reduce
installation time and number
of fittings. This hygiene duct
requires no traditional tape or
sealant and is also ideal for
tight spaces

Thermal Duct

Specialist insulation solutions
that assist with Building
Regulations requirements

Flexible Hose


Domus Ventilation Flexible Hose is a range of wire reinforced,
flexible PVC ducting that has been specially designed for the
ventilation market. The round profiles are compatible with the
Domus Ventilation rigid PVC product range. Hose provides solutions
to overcome situations where a rigid component cannot be installed.
Flexible hose is particularly suitable for installation where there is
slow moving air, such as, the ducting of tumble driers


Domus Ventilation Flexible Hose is constructed as a continuous
left-hand helix (English wound) on a bespoke forming “head”. The
reinforcing wire is 100% sealed inside a fold of PVC tape which is
in turn overlapped by the next pitch. The joints are welded by hot
air welding of the layers of PVC in order to produce a continuous
sealed tube.

Fire Sleeves

Domus Intumescent Fire Sleeves prevent the spread of fire where Domus rigid ducts penetrate fire compartment walls

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 120 minutes fire rating
  • Rectangular profiles are very slimline, saving ceiling space
  • Suitable for brick walls, plasterboard partitions and fire batt
  • Suitable for insulated and non-insulated partitions
  • Can be retrofitted
  • No mechanical fixings required
  • Robust galvanised steel shell
  • Performance unaffected by weathering

EnviroVent is a leading manufacturer and supplier of whole house ventilation systems and extractor fans for bathrooms and kitchens. For over 30 years, EnviroVent has helped millions of homes permanently solve damp, condensation and mould problems across the UK.

Their award winning ventilation products help improve indoor air quality by bringing in fresh, clean air and help reduce moisture in the air which can cause condensation and mould problems.

Their local experts can offer free advice and can do a free survey of your home to see if the problem is due to damp or another issue and suggest the best ventilation system for your property.

Extractor Fans

Extractor fans are a functional and practical solution for controlling excess humidity, smoke, heat removal or unwanted odours. Fans for bathrooms are generally smaller than those used in kitchens but do come with a timer for more efficient use.

Replacing your fan will improve the ventilation of a bathroom or kitchen and reduce moisture and unwanted odours. Our range of high-performance, efficient systems designed for bathrooms and kitchens includes inline, wall-mounted, and silent extractor fans as well as axial fans.

 Contact us in Cwmbran, Gwent for information on our services and the ventilation models and electrical equipment we sell in South Wales, West Wales and South West England.